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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2021-04-11 00:00    

CeF3 crystal is a magneto-optical crystal product with excellent comprehensive performance. The magneto-optical properties of CeF3 crystal enable it to be used as a Faraday rotator used in the field of high-power lasers. It has the advantages of high density, good temperature stability, high detection efficiency and fast response speed, making it very suitable as a detection material for high-energy physics experimental devices, X-ray detectors, β-ray detectors and γ-ray detectors. At the same time, CeF3 is also a scintillation crystal, a new inorganic scintillator used in medical imaging and high-energy physics. 


Chemical formulaCeF3
Melting point1430℃
Refractive index1.62(@400nm)
Extinction ratio>33dB
Moh's hardness5.0
Thermal conductivity(24℃)
2.19W/m·℃ (C direction)
Thermal expansivity1.45x10-5/℃
Verdet constant (@632nm)-125Rad/(T·m)
Verdet constant (@1064nm)-40.7Rad/(T·m)
Transmission range300nm-2500nm

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