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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2024-04-01 00:00    

Yb:YVO4 is one of the most promising laser-active materials and more suitable for diode-pumping than the traditional Nd-doped systems. Compared with the commonly used Nd:YVO4 crystal, Yb:YVO4 crystal has a much larger absorption bandwidth to reduce thermal management requirements for diode lasers, a longer upper-laser level lifetime, three to four times lower thermal loading per unit pump power. Yb:YVO4 crystal at 1030nm is a good substitute for a Nd:YVO4 crystal at 1064nm and its second harmonic at 515nm may replace Ar-ion laser (with a large volume), which emit at 514nm.


High power CW, Q-switched and mode-locked lasers

Thin-disk lasers




 Absorption peak wavelength


 Absorption bandwidth at a peak wavelength


 Laser wavelength


 Lifetime of 2F5/2 ytterbium energy level

 250 μs

 Refractive index @1064 nm

 n0=1,93, ne=2,1

 Crystal structure



 4,22 g/cm3

 Mohs hardness


 Thermal conductivity

 ~5 Wm-1K-1

 Thermal expansion coefficient

 1,5 × 10-6 (//a) K-1, 8,2 × 10-6 (//c) K-1

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