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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2024-04-10 00:00    

BaMgF4 crystal has nonlinear effects and electro-optical effects, it is a very promising deep ultraviolet nonlinear crystal and electro-optical crystal. BaMgF4 crystal has very high transmittance and broad transmission spectrum, it is a very excellent optical base material. The electro-optical coefficient γ 13 of BaMgF4 crystal is larger than the electro-optical coefficient γ 51 (32.6pm/v) of electro-optical crystal LiNb03, and similar to γ 33 of KTP crystal, more than 10 times that of γ 11 of BB0 crystal. It  has a very low absorption coefficient, which can realize electro-optical applications from deep ultraviolet to mid-infrared. BaMgF4 crystal also has a great advantages of good stability, high beam quality and also can be continuously adjustable in the ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet, its short ultraviolet cut off wavelength (125nm) makes it applied to the quasi phase matching (QPM) in vacuum ultraviolet lasers, it is now widely used in high resolution rate spectroscopy, micro nano processing decomposition, UV lithography and medicine category.


Chemical formulaBaMgF4
Melting point940℃
Extinction ratio>33dB
Moh's hardness4.0
Electro-optic coefficientγ 13=-32.6pm/V
Transmission range130nm-13000nm

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