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 Yong Hee
MgO substrate
    Publish time 2024-06-04 00:00    
MgO substrate

Magnesium oxide (MgO) is an excellent single crystal substrate and is widely used in the production of ferroelectric thin films, magnetic thin films, optoelectronic thin films and high-temperature superconducting thin films. Since its dielectric constant and loss in the microwave band are very small and it can obtain large-area substrates (diameter 2 inches and larger), it is one of the important high-temperature superconducting thin film single crystal substrates for current industrialization. It can be used to make high-temperature superconducting microwave filters and other devices required for mobile communication equipment. Profit can provide high-purity, low-cost MgO single crystals with a size of about 2”x2”x1”, and use chemical mechanical polishing to prepare high-quality atomic-level surface substrates.

Growth methodArc melting
Crystal structureCubic
Lattice constanta=4.216 Å
Melting point (℃)2850
Density3.58 (g/cm 3)
Hardness5.5 (mohs)
Thermal expansion coefficient8 x10-6 /K
Standard Size10x10x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm
Crystal orientation<100>, <110>, <111> ± 0.5 º
PolishingSingle or double side polished
Ra:≤ 5Å (5μm × 5μm)

100 clean bag, 1000 clean room

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