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 Yong Hee
InGaAs 25Gbps PIN Chip(Ø20μm photosensitive area)
    Publish time 2023-09-22 00:00    
InGaAs 25Gbps PIN Chip(Ø20μm photosensitive area)

Applications: 25Gps optical fiber transmission system, 5G communication system

Product features: The 25Gbps photodiode chip is a high speed PIN photodiode with front light input, and the incident photosensitive surface is 20μm in diameter. The chip has GSG and GS structure, with high responsivity, low capacitance, low dark current and high reliability. It is mainly used with 25 Gbps TIA for long distance, high speed and single mode 25Gbps optical receivers.

High reliability: This product meets the reliability requirements of Telcordia-GR-468-CORE standards, inspected and tested known-good-dies before shipment

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