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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2023-01-03 11:19    

LiNbO3 crystal has excellent electro-optic, acousto-optic, piezoelectric and nolinear properties, it is widely used in the field of civil and military purposes, with the development of photoelectric technology, LiNbO3 crystal is increasingly emphasized in the application of defence technology, it is a kind of important multifunctional crystal with good nonlinear properties, its nonlinear optical coefficient is relatively large, which can realize the critical phase matching. As the electro-optic crystal, it has been important optical waveguide materials, as the piezo-electric crystal, it can used to make middle and low frequency SAW filter, high power high temperature ultrasonic transducer etc., dope LiNbO3 materials is also has widely applications, Mg:LN crystal can greatly improve the anti-laser damage threshold, Nd:Mg:LN crystal, can realize the frequency doubling effect, Fe:LN crystal can used in the optical holographic storage.


LiNbO3crystal is commonly used material for Pockel Cells, Q-switches and phase modulators, waveguide substrate, and surface acoustic wave (SAW) wafers etc.,


Chemical formulaLiNbO3
Melting point1250℃
Refractive indexn0=2.2878, ne=2.2033
Dielectric constantε11/ε0=85; ε33/ε0=29.5
Moh's hardness5
Thermal expansivity coefficienta1=a2=2×10-6/℃, a3=2.2×10-6/℃ at 25℃
Thermal conductivity

38W/m/K at 25℃

Absorption coefficient


Transmission range420nm-5200nm

We can offer dia3"/4"/5"/6" for SAW and Optical grade LN wafer.

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