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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2022-12-30 10:07    

Germanium (Ge) crystal as a kind of infrared optical material, has advantages of  high infrared refractive index, wide infrared wavelength range, small absorption coefficient, low dispersive index etc., it is a good material particularly used for military , civilian and thermal imager, infra-red radar, windows etc., high purity Ge can be used  for astronomical gamma spectrometer, nuclear energy spectrometer and Ion physical  X-ray instruments, Si-Ge10 with doped mercury, cadmium, uprum, gallium of Ge single crystal can be used to infrared detector.



It is a perfect semiconductor material, applied in the field of aerospace measurement and control, infrared laser system, nuclear detection, optical fiber communications, infrared thermal imager, infrared optics, solar cell, biomedical sciences etc.

ParametersCommercial grade
Precision grade
Angle tolerance+/-3'+/-1'
Surface quality60/4040/20
Surface flatness
BBAR@3-5μm or @8-12μmBBAR@3-5μm or @8-12μm

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