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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2022-12-27 10:27    


Optical prisms are used to redirect light at a designated angle, they are ideal for ray deviation, and for adjusting the orientation of an image, they can be designed of materials with BK7, Floated glass, Colored glass, Sapphire, Fused Silica, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, YAG, Germanium, Silicon etc., We can supply various type prisms including Dove prism, Roof prism, Right Angle prism, Wedge prism, Polarization agglutination prism, Penta prism, Corner cube prism, Combination prisms, also customized prisms are available.



They are widely used in the digital equipments, such as video cameras, projectors, medical equipments, like cystoscopy, endoscopy, and various types of laser, science and technology field, binoculars, microscopes, solar energy converters and various optical devices.

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