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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2023-04-11 00:00    


TeO2 is an excellent ascousto-optic (AO) crystal with high AO figure of merit, birefringence, good optical rotation and slow propagation velocity along [110] direction, the resolution of AO devices made of TeO2 crystals will increase several levels than others, it show yellow small white crystalline powder, heating, melting show dark yellow, very difficult to soluble in water, the melting point is 733°C, boiling point is 1260°C.


It is an ideal single crystal material for preparation of AO rotators, modulators,resonators, tuning filters and other AO devices,

TeO2 crystal can be used in the field of astronomy, remote sensing, laser publishing, laser recorder etc.,


Chemical formulaTeO2
Melting point733℃
Refractive indexne=2.411; no=2.258
Extinction ratio>32dB
Moh's hardness4.0
Thermal expansivity1.45x10-5/℃
Sound velocity(km/s)

0.617 for shear wave along <110> 

4.26 for longitudinal wave along <001>

Sound and light quality factors (10-18 sec3/g)

1200 for shear mode along <110>             

34.5for longitudinal mode along <001>

Transmission range330nm-5000nm

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