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 Yong Hee
InGaAs APD Chip(Ø200μm/Ø500μm/Ø1000μm photosensitive area)
    Publish time 2023-09-22 00:00    

Applications: It can be used in optical time domain reflectometer, laser ranging/range measurement, free space optical transmission, low light level detection, laser warming and LIDAR.

Product features: The photosensitive areas of these products have different diameters in 200μm, 500μm, 1000μm. These APDs are used for front illumination in free space and fiber optics applications, featuring high responsivity, high multiplication, low dark current, and gold coated ground surface at the bottom side of the chip. Single tube TO-can with high performance and large light sensitive surface can improve the sensitivity of optical receiver and is widely used in optical time domain reflectormeter.

High reliability: This product meets the reliability requirements of Telcordia-GR-468-CORE standards, inspected and tested known-good-dies before shipment

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