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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2023-03-03 00:00    

Thulium doped yttrium fluoride lithium (Tm: YLF) crystal has a low nonlinear refractive index and thermo optic constant, which are very suitable for the application in the fields of scientific research, production, education, and other optoelectronic fields. Tm: YLF crystal is a negative uniaxial crystal with a negative refractive index temperature coefficient, which can offset some thermal distortion and thus has high beam quality output. The pump wavelength is 792 nm, and the linear polarized laser with the wavelength of 1900nm outputs in the direction of an axis. outputting light from the c axis is non-linear polarized. High power laser output can be obtained by selecting the proper crystal size and doping concentration. Two-micron Tm3+ lasers are of interest for many applications in the scientific, defense, and medical fields. 


Low nonlinear refractive index

Low thermo-optical constant

Low polarization loss

Long upper energy level fluorescence lifetime

Small up-conversion effect

No absorption loss of sensitized ions


Medical diagnosis and treatment

Laser radar/Laser ranging

Electro-optical countermeasure

Laser remote sensing

Laser imaging

Optical signal processing

Material processing

Tm:YLF crystal samples:

Size: 3x3x10mm, 3% doping

S1/S2: AR(R<0.5%)792 nm + AR(R<0.2%)1800-1960 nm

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