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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2023-01-03 00:00    

Sapphire windows made of Synthetic sapphire feature exceptional properties of high hardness, high strength, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical durability and excellent transmission bandwidths.

Sapphire are ideal for applications where high pressure, high temperature, high thermal loads, vacuum, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, small coefficient of friction as well as optical and insulating properties are a consideration. In some applications where sapphire windows needs to be soldered or bonded to metal. Synthetic Sapphire is a single crystal and high purity, so bare sapphire will not attach to braze or solder alloys on its own. Through solderable metallization on sapphire windows, hermetically sealed optics can be created for vacuum applications. As a subdivided application component throughout the whole terminal, sapphire is widely used in laser, infrared, communication, semiconductor, electronics, clocks, medical beauty, precision instruments, military, aviation, auto parts, and smart phones and many other high-tech fields.

At present, the main products we supplied are: sapphire windows, sapphire shaped parts, sapphire lens, sapphire aspheric lens, sapphire prism, sapphire tube, sapphire hole parts, sapphire large size components and so on. Also we can provide the sapphire windows with high precision machining flatness at L/20.


Machining diameter(mm)Φ1.00~Φ350.00
Machining diameter toleranceGB/T 1804
Processing thickness(mm)0.1~50.00
Surface flatnessλ/5
Surface quality20/10
Center deviation(mm)0.01
upon request

Typical applications:

High-end Watches, Instruments and Apparatus, Mobilephone Camera, Smart Wearable Devices, Satellite, Optical Guidance, Laser Radar, Electronic Radar, Naval Vessel Optical Equipment, Laser Medical Equipment, Medical Endoscope, Ventilator, Hematology Analyzer, Artificial Heart, Laser Medical Cosmetology, Orthodontic Brace, High Power Laser Equipment, Fire Monitoring, Security Monitoring, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Low Speed Wire Cut Machine, Electric Spark Machine Tool, High Temperature Sensor, Cryogenic Temperature Sensor, Semiconductor Chips, etc.

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