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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2022-12-30 13:47    

Nd:YVO4 crystals are usually used in lasers to generate the same wavelength radiation as Nd:YAG ( 1064 nm ). Other important emission wavelengths of this crystal are 914 and 1342 nm. These types of lasers usually are pumped with diodes, however they can be lamp pumped too. Compared with Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 has a much higher pump absorption coefficient with much broader wavelength range for pumping. Nd:YVO4 also has a shorter upper state lifetime which reduce effects of thermal losses. 


Lower lasing threshold and higher slope efficiency

Low dependency on pumping wavelength and tend to single mode output

Large stimulated emission cross-section at lasing wavelength

High absorption over a wide pumping wavelength bandwidth

Optically uniaxial and large birefringence emit strongly-polarized laser


Nd Doping

 0.07% ~ 3%



 Wavefront Distortion

 λ/6 per inch@632.8nm

 Dimension Tolerances

 +/-0.1 mm

 Surface Quality

 10/5 Scratch/Dig MIL-O-1380A





 Clear Aperture


 Surface Flatness

 λ/10@632.8 nm



 Barrel Finish

 Fine grind


 AR/HR/PR Coating upon customer's request

 Damage Threshold

 750MW/CM2 at 1064nm,   10ns, 10Hz

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