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 Yong Hee
DKDP Pockels Cell
    Publish time 2022-12-30 10:23    

DKDP crystal is used as electro-optic Q-switches, with reliable, stable performance for a diverse range of laser applications. We offer a unique design program that extends the Q-switch lifetime, the standard configuration employs a broad band, with AR coating for improved durability and performance, the DKDP Q-switch is also available with index matching fluid and a choice of end caps.


Highest (99.8% KD*P) deuteration levels in industry 

Adhesive/Epoxy-free assembly

Apertures from 8mm diameter up to 20mm diameter 

Lowest absorption in industry

Highest optical damage thresholds



OEM laser systems

Medical/cosmetic lasers

Versatile R&D laser platforms

Military & aerospace laser systems


Extinction Ratio>7000:1
Wavefront Distortion<λ/8@633nm
Single Pass Optical Transmission>98.5%
Damage Threshold>750MW/cm2@1064nm, 10ns 10Hz
Spectral Range240nm~1400nm
Typical Aperture Diameter8mm~20mm

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