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 Yong Hee
    Publish time 2022-12-27 10:30    

BBO is an excellent non-linear crystal for frequency-doubling (SHG) of Visible and Near IR laser light, OPO/OPG/OPA pumped by ultrafast pulses of wavelengths in the Near IR to UV, and sum-frequency mixing (SFM) into the Visible to the deep UV. BBO is also one of the few practical crystal for use below 500 nm in SHG and SFM, it can be widely used in medical, military and meteorology fields.


High damage threshold

Broad phase matchable range from 409.6nm to 3500nm

Wide transmission region from 190nm to 3500nm

High optical homogeneity with n10-6/cm

Wide temperature-bandwidth of about 55°C

Large effective second-hamonic-generation coefficient about 6 times greater than KDP crystal


Second, third, fourth and fifth harmonic generation of Nd:YAG

Frequency-doubling, -tripling and -mixing of dye lasers

Optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) and optical parametric oscillators (OPO)

Second, third, fourth and fifth harmonic generation of Ti: sapphire and alexandrite

Frequency-doubling of Argon ions, Cu vapor and ruby lasers

External intra-cavity SHG

Nd:YAG Frequency Doubling

1064nm SHG-> 532nm
4x4x7mmTypeI, Theta=22.8°, Phi=0°
1064nm THG-> 355nm4x4x7mmTypeI, Theta=31.3°, Phi=0°
1064nm THG-> 355nm4x4x7mmTypeII, Theta=38.6°, Phi=30°
1064nm 4HG-> 266nm4x4x7mmTypeI, Theta=47.6°, Phi=0°
1064nm 5HG-> 213nm4x4x7mmTypeI, Theta=51.1°, Phi=0°


532nm Pump-> 680-2600nm4x4x12mmTypeI, Theta=21°, Phi=0°
355nm Pump-> 410-2600nm6x4x12mmTypeI, Theta=30°, Phi=0°
355nm Pump-> 410-2600nm7x4x15mmTypeII, Theta=37°, Phi=30°
266nm Pump-> 295-2600nm6x4x12mmTypeI, Theta=39°, Phi=0°


Dimension ToleranceW(+/-0.1)xH(+/-0.1)xL(+/-0.1)mm
Angle Tolerance+/-0.25°
Chamfer≤0.2mm x 45°
Clear Aperture≥90%
Wavefront distortionλ/8@633nm
CoatingsAR/AR@532(R<0.2%)&266(R<0.5%)                            AR/AR@1064(R<0.2%)&532(R<0.5%)&355(R<0.5%)    P coating/P coating

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