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Coating Service
    Publish time 2022-12-27 10:24    

Hangzhou Yong Hee Photonics supply finished optical components of all available materials and also offer a wide range of optical coatings, owns a variety of advanced coating machines, such as Veeco, Leybold, Shincron, Optorun, LP-900. We are able to provide effective coating solutions according to customer's requirements.

Coating substrates: Optical glasses, UVFS, Laser crystals, Nonelinear crystals, Sapphires, Ge, Si etc.

Typical coatings: AR coating, R<0.15%/ BBAR coating

HR dielectric coating, R>99.8%

PR coating, 60/40%, 50/50%, 70/30%, 80/20%, 90/10%

PBS coating, Extinction ratio: >1000/1

Metallic coating (Al, Cr, Ti, Cu, Ag)/ ITO coating

Infrared AR coating, Wavelength Range = 8000~14000nm, Tavg≥95%

Coating Technology:

•   Ion-Beam Sputtering (IBS)

•   Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IAD)

•   Magnetron Sputtering (MS)

•   Electron Beam Evaporation (E-Beam)

Customized Coating Cases:






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