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 Yong Hee
Midwave Infrared Zoom Lens
    Publish time 2023-04-14 00:00    
Midwave Infrared Zoom Lens

Midwave infrared zoom lens is mainly used in the detection and recognition of thermal infrared targets, which can realize the wide range search of targets in a large field of view and the recognition and tracking of targets in a small field of view. The continuous zoom lens can continuously zoom in, which is more conducive to the detection and identification of low, small and slow targets.

It can work around the clock under conditions such as low illumination and bad weather, and can effectively make up for the shortcomings of visible light imaging systems limited by conditions such as light intensity.

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                                                              Optical and electromechanical parameters
Focal length






F/#=4; 640*512 array, 15μmF/#=5.5; 640*512 array, 15μm
Wavelength                                                            3~5μm

Lens view field 

Wide view: 26.99°x21.74°

Narrow view: 1.22°x0.98°

Focal length: 20~450mm

Wide view: 10.97°x8.78°

Narrow view: 0.55°x0.44°

Focal length: 50~1000mm

Wide view: 17.06°x13.69°

Narrow view: 0.84°x0.66°

Focal length: 32~660mm

Wide view: 9.15°x7.32°

Narrow view: 0.46°x0.37°

Focal length: 60~1200mm

Wide view: 13.69°x10.97°

Narrow view: 0.69°x0.55°

Focal length: 40~800mm

Depth of field

7m~∞ (FL=20~450mm)

30m~∞ (FL=50~1000mm)
17m~∞ (FL=32~660mm)43m~∞ (FL=60~1200mm)
26m~∞ (FL=40~800mm)
CoatingDLC protective film (outside); High transmission AR film (internal)
Optical back intercept27mm
Mechanical back intercept15mm
Mechanical structure210mm(D) x 220mm(L)

Voltage supply                                                           12~30VDC
Rated power                                                            ≤12W
Communication modeRS422 and RS485, baud rate: 9600, 19200(Default), 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400
Communication protocol                                    Support private protocol, Pelco-D, Pelco-P
Temperature accuracy                                                           +/-0.1℃
Single autofocus time                                                        <10 second
                                                                          Environmental conditions
Working temperature                                                         -40~50℃
Storage temperature                                                         -40~70℃
Protection class                                                             IP66
                                                                               Range of application

Support RS422/RS485 transparent communication with thermal imager; automatic focusing and external trigger    

focusing functions; online modification of lens zooming and focusing temperature calibration coefficient; support

lens calibration software.

It is suitable for security places requiring 24 hours video surveillance such as airport, port, wharf, industrial park,      forest fire prevention, dangerous goods storage yard, electric power, frontier railway and unattended.

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