PRODUCT:  6Li-glass

Cerium activated lithium silicate glass scintillators have been used for a variety of radiation detection applications such as alpha, beta, gamma and neutron detection。Neutron detection is based on neutron and 6Li nuclear reaction, 6-lithium glass scitillator has advantages with short decay time, good temperature stability, high slow neutron detection efficiency, meanwhile, it is nondeliquescent, acid and alkali resistant, high and low temperature rapid change resistant, so it can be used in a severe environment where corrosive liquids and vapors exist。

Technical parameters:

Li-6 content


Relative light output (NaI:Tl)


Density (g/cm3)


Decay Constant (UV excitation)


Wavelength of maximum emission      


Working temperature


Resolution of thermal neutron


Scintillator size


n-γ Identifying features

 neutron peak equivalent electron energy   




Neutron flight time experiment
Petroleum well logging
Moisture content measurement
NDT and neutron photography

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