ZnSe is a chemically inert, non-hygroscopic and highly pure material that very effective in many optical application due to its extremely low bulk losses, high resistance to thermal shock and stability in virtually all environments, easily machined. Transmitting in the range 0.5µm~19µm and having a very low absorption of energy makes it useful for optical components in high power laser window and multispectral applications, providing good imaging characteristics.


ZnSe is one of the materials of choice for CO2 laser optics operating at 10.6 microns,  it is also widely used for IR components, windows and lenses, optical beamsplitters  and combiners, and for spectroscopic ATR prisms, high resolution thermal imaging systems.

Thin Film Polarizers  

1. TFP can differentiate S/P beams into S and P two beams.

2. When the S beam is incident at brewster angle, the film layer can maintain high reflectivity for the S beam and guarantee the high transmittance of P beam, and obtaining a high-energy S/P laser.

Beam Combiners

Used for CO2 laser system combined beams mirrors

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