LaF3 is a excellent optical material, it has high transparency in the 0.2-10.5μm, it is a kind of cubic crystal, melting point is 1493°C, it is insoluble in water , but can soluble in alcohol, it is made from lanthanum chloride anthanum nitrate and hydrofluoric acid or hydrogen fluoride gas and lanthanum oxide.


Medical filed: used for preparation of modern medical image display technology and the requirements of the nuclear science scintillator, rare earth crystal laser materials, fluoride glass fiber optic and rare earth infrared glass; Optical field: used in the manufacture of arc light carbon electrode in the lighting source; Chemical analysis filed: used as sensing membrane for fluorine ion selective electrode, measuring fluorine ion concentration in the solution; Metallurgical industry: used in the manufacture of special alloy and electrolytic producing lanthanum metal。

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