CaF2 is a crystal with good transmission from 0.15μm~9μm, low refractive index, slightly soluble in water and sensitive to thermal shock, it is commonly used as a window material for both infrared and ultraviolet wavelength without an anti-reflection coating, CaF2 is attacked by atmospheric moisture at 600°C, where it begins to soften, the top use temperature is 800°C, when moisture is not present, irradiation of Calcium Fluoride windows causes some loss in UV transmission.

It is a perfect material for making optical prisms, lens and windows applied in the field of UV to infrared systems, thermal imaging, fourier analysis, testing instruments, gas liquid laser system, astronomical telescope, MIR/NIR imaging system, microlithography, excimer laser, high energy detection, large size lens can be used for laser engraving.

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