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PRODUCT:  Laser Pointer



Hangzhou Yong Hee Photonics are able to offer kinds of laser pointers for various applications as following:
405nm laser pen at 10-50mW
445nm laser pointer at 600-800mW
473nm laser pointer at 1-30mW,
532nm laser pen at 1-150mW;
532nm laser pointer at 200-600mW,
650nm laser pens at 1-150mW,  
650nm laser pointer at 200-500mW,
808nm Laser pointer at 5mW-5Watt,
980nm Laser pointer at 5mW-1Watt,
1064nm Laser pointer at 5mW-500mW,

With advantages of their long beam range, high brightness, high beam quality
and low price, they are widely used in education, pointing, fluorescence
exciting, Raman spectrum, biomedicine, laser light show, etc.,

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