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PRODUCT:  BBO Pockels cell

BBO-based pockels cell are used to change the polarization state of light passing at wavelengths from the UV to more than 2 μm, low piezoelectric ringing makes these Pockels cells attractive for the control of high-power and high pulse repetition rate lasers。The quarter-wave voltage is relative to the ratio of crystal length and electrode spacing, therefore, compact aperture devices tend to exhibit lower quarter-wave, but even for 2.5 mm aperture tools the quarter-wave voltage remains 4 kV at 1064 nm, which is quite high。 Double crystal design has been used to cut down the required voltages and also to enable operation in half-wave mode with quick switching times。

High Repetition Rate
High peak power damage resistance
Low absorption
UV Transmission
Low Acoustic Noise

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High repetition rate Regenerative Amplifier control
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