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PRODUCT:  Sapphire

Sapphire windows made of Synthetic sapphire feature exceptional properties of high hardness, high strength, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical durability and excellent transmission bandwidths.

Sapphire windows are ideal for applications where high pressure, high temperature, high thermal loads, vacuum, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, small coefficient of friction as well as optical and insulating properties are a consideration. In some applications where sapphire windows needs to be soldered or bonded to metal. Synthetic Sapphire is a single crystal and high purity, so bare sapphire will not attach to braze or solder alloys on its own. Through solderable metallization on sapphire windows, hermetically sealed optics can be created for vacuum applications.

We supply a wide range of sapphire windows including round sapphire window, rectangle sapphire window, step sapphire window, and custom sapphire windows with various shapes and sizes. 
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