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Linear Photodiode Array for X-ray Scanning

We are pleased to share our new product:CsI(Tl) assembled photodiode line-array, it is widely used in security applications such as luggage scanning, cargo/container screening, food inspection, non- destructive testing, industrial inspection etc., currently we can customize linear photodiode array for X-ray scanning with high energy resolution and high imaging quality according to your request。

The detector consists of a silicon photodiode array and a scintillation crystal to detect the energy of the radiation. The diode array can be one or two - dimensional scanning mode, depending on the application. To select the detector, the effects of spectral response, capacitance, dark current, sensitivity, detection area and crosstalk should be fully considered. The detector matched with the emission band of scintillation crystal should be selected, and dark noise and offset should be reduced as much as possible to obtain the best response. At the same time, the detection area and crosstalk of each detection unit can be optimized.

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